SEA WALLS : Murals For Oceans - San Diego


From September 8th – 12th, 2016, PangeaSeed Foundation in collaboration with Cohort Collective, KAABOO Del Mar, and Surfrider Foundation, presented Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans festival in San Diego. Our group of renowned artists joined forces in celebrating the majesty of Southern California’s marine environment through a series of community-centered events and the painting of ocean-themed murals to beautify neighborhoods, galvanize the local community and raise awareness for the importance of San Diego’s precious marine natural resources.

The San Diego festival of the globe-spanning Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project featureD over 20 local and international contemporary artists, collaborating to bring vital environmental issues into the spotlight.


Aaron Glasson | NZ | @aaronglasson            

Amandalynn | San Francisco, USA | @alynnpaint    

Askew | NZ | @askewone                    

Brian Hebets | San Diego, USA | @hebets_arts

Carly Ealey | San Diego, USA | @carlyealey            

Celeste Byers | San Diego, USA | @celestialterrestial

Christopher Konecki | San Diego, USA | @konecki_art    

Cinzah | New Zealand | @mrcinzah

David Young V | San Francisco, USA | @dyoungv        

Dolan Stearns | San Diego, USA | @sorry_entertainer

Eelco | NYC, USA | @eelcovirus                

EXIST1981 | San Diego, USA | @exist1981

Gloria Muriel | San Diego, USA | @gloriamuriel        

Ian Ross | San Francisco, USA | @ianrossart            

Jason Botkin | Canada | @robotkin

Jet Martinez | San Francisco, USA | @jetmar1        

Lauren YS | San Francisco, USA | @lolo.ys

N3O | Mexico | @n30n3      

Persue | NYC, USA | @persue1                

Spenser Little | San Diego, USA | @johnniesmalls